iFeature unveils a soaring single, ‘Sky Babylon’

Genre-blender iFeature (Paris-based artist, musician and producer Jan Contopidis) released a new single, ‘Sky Babylon’, on the 1st of December 2023. Originally from Hamburg (Germany), iFeature has been playing the piano since the age of 5 and has since developed into a multi-modal maven. He is known for his DIY approach to everything he makes, taking on the tasks of producing, mixing and mastering – delivering his passionate vocals to boot.

‘Sky Babylon’ takes its name from the world of Sonic Rush, a video game cherished by iFeature. In the context of the game, “Sky Babylon” is the gateway to a realm of higher dimensions inhabited by the gods. Inspired by this concept, iFeature believes that music has the power to connect and transport listeners to dimensions analogous to those in Sonic Rush. Through his innovative soundscapes and electrifying beats, iFeature aims to open the “sky door” to a new realm of sonic experiences. The track promises a thrilling journey into an auditory landscape imbued with an otherworldly atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.

Full of energy and movement, ‘Sky Babylon’ is an eclectic miasma of pulsing breakbeats, atmospheric synth scapes and feverish effects. The track’s arrangement is thrillingly unpredictable. iFeature’s vocals, while oozing with effects and glitches, succeed in expressing powerful emotions, exploring themes of rejection, isolation and emotional turmoil. ‘Sky Babylon’ is a masterful marriage of dark lyrical content to high-energy production, a true listening journey.



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