Hyperdub: Diggin’ In The Carts

London-based electronic label Hyperdub are set to release a 34-track compilation of rare ‘80s and ‘90s Japanese video-game music this November.

The compilation was curated by the label’s boss Kode9 with the help of Nick Dwyer, writer and co-director for Red Bull Music Academy’s Diggin In The Carts documentary series.

Titled after the documentary, the compilation is a collection of some of the first Japanese video game music. The sounds of games from consoles such as Famicon and Super Famicon (or otherwise known as Nintendo and Super Nintendo Entertainment systems) and MSX have been chosen.

Diggin’ In The Carts’ digital and CD release are set for November 17th while the vinyl is scheduled for 16 February 2018. Animator Koji Morimoto will be doing the artwork for the compilation. The project will also be supported by a RBMA- tour, presenting a new Kode9 performance with visuals from Morimoto. Dwyer will also play a DJ set of video game tunes and composers Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima will play a collaborative set. The first showcase is due to take place in Tokyo on the day of the compilation release, along with shows in Los Angeles and London confirmed with more to be announced.

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