Houndstooth Announces New Akkord 10″

Akkord have announced a new 10″ via London label Houndstooth for later this month.

The Obelisk 10″ is comprised of two tracks, ‘Monolith’ and ‘Megalith’. The label describes the release as “a study in rhythm and frequencies, suspended in space”. Earlier this year Akkord’s Synkro and Indigo release HTH035 which coupled the HTH020 EP  with reworks from Fis and Regis. Last month Synkro released his debut solo album via Apollo and Indigo has lined up a new Ancestral Voices LP for November 27th via Samurai Horo (watch the LP trailer below).

Obelisk is out via Houndstooth on October 22nd. Listen to the duo’s Solid Steel Radio Show mix:

Watch the trailer for the new Ancestral Voices LP Night Of Visions:

Photo: Sarah Ginn

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