Hold tight for KARMACODA’s new song ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’

Signed under the Sola Musa Music imprint, poetic band KARMACODA has released their latest heavy-hitting record ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’. Reworked by the daring electronic music duo KRONO, the record is a death-defying feat that elevates heartbeats and ruptures speakers.

Stream / Download: KARMACODA – ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’

From the get-go, the remix sets a firm tone, a good omen for what is yet to come. Raising the overall temperature of the arrangement, a crisp kick rips through the mix, splitting the fibres of the original vocal sample. Like droplets of wax, a scorching bassline oozes shimmering heat, dripping over the edges of singer Jessica’s vocoded vocals. Emanating blinding distortion, the single is a stunt that sings and zings with a high rhythmic amplitude, making for an unstoppable record.

Undeniable chemistry exists between KRONO’s production style and KARMACODA’s retrospective songwriting. True to form, the duo saturated the band’s melodic backdrop with high-impact kicks and snares, setting the stage for a dramatic reinterpretation. A second listen enlivens as much as the first.



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Image credit: Bill Shupp