Highlight: The Astounding Stop-Motion Animated, Beautiful Horror Of Alice Glass’ Official ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’ Music Video

While multiple fantastic music videos have been released in the past week (don’t worry, we’ll get to those soon!): we would like to take the time to highlight one of the best music videos that has dropped not only in the past week, but stands out as an incredible addition to the film and music realm as 2021 has made its debut.

Last week, we reviewed Alice Glass’ latest single ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW which we believe is some of her best work yet. On top of which, the single was beautifully accompanied in both sound and imagery by a hauntingly gothic production when it comes to the official stop-motion animated video. If one is a fan or has ever worked with stop-motion animation, they will know the true extent of how much dedication one must have to create such a detailed piece of work; animating in stop-motion takes what feels like eons, with each slight movement carefully planned out to create a coherent whole. The imagery compliments the track perfectly, which in and of itself is a difficult feat to accomplish.

Video Credit: Directed, Produced & Animated by Lucas David

Video Editing & Assisted Animation by Astra Zero

Stream & purchase Alice Glass‘ single ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW‘.

Feature Image: Cover Artwork for ‘SUFFER AND SWALLOW’ by Alice Glass

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