Henry Saiz returns to the Balance mix series with ‘Natura Sonoris’

Henry Saiz takes us on a lengthy journey of mood and sound in Balance presents Natura Sonoris: an expansive mix comprised completely of exclusives from his award-winning label. 

You can expect the ghosts of dark ‘80s electro-pop like Depeche Mode hover in the tortured vocals and dramatic mood of Saiz-penned opener Lone Wolf. Muted chimes abound on Hal Incandeza’s Contacto, providing the perfect segue way into the hypnotic marimba arpeggios of Bufi’s Bird Song. Things take a global twist with the African and Latin rhythms and melodies of RIP BESTIA and Landikhan and deeper turns via A Friend Of Marcus and Saiz’s shimmering remix of Damabiah. Joep Mencke’s Sonder picks up the energy with its driving beats and strong melodies, before a double-helping of the masterful Brassica gives the mix a more intense, direct edge and healthy doses of breaks and acid.

Saiz seasons the mix with samples from his own productions, layering them subtly with other tracks to great effect, and across nearly two-and-a-half hours he twists and turns at just the right times to ensure this is a captivating listen that captures a range of moods.

“I wanted to showcase the spirit of the label’s music and its eclectic musical variety and also create a coherent speech that brings the listener to many places,” explains Saiz.

“The experience that I try to create in my sets which is what I like to find when I listen to an album, a set or any piece of art that uses narrative. So I tried to create an intense and visual musical experience.”

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