Helena Hauff’s ‘A Tape’ Coming Soon To Vinyl

San Francisco-based record label Dark Entries have announced that they will bring out Helena Hauff’s A Tape for the first time on vinyl, with the record dropping on April 10th.

The album, which comprises twelve recordings made by Hauff between 2011 and 2014, was originally released on cassette by Handmade Birds.

According to Dark Entries, Hauff views the music on A Tape as “mostly forgotten sketches left on the cutting room floor” – but fans of the German electro musician’s unique style are excitedly anticipating the release, which was composed using a range of recondite instruments, including a Roland Alpha Juno 2, Juno 60, TB-303, TR-707 and TR-808.

You can listen to clips from the new album – which seems to have all the makings of a cult classic – below.

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