Guide launched to assist artists get paid and demystify the royalties process

In exciting news for artists, a brand-new resource has emerged to demystify the complexities of metadata, recording codes, and royalties.


Introducing the Get Paid Guide. Designed specifically with musicians in mind, the Get Paid Guide proudly labels itself as the “creator’s guide to data,” offering easily understandable information that empowers artists to navigate the intricacies of pay and royalties confidently.


What makes this guide even more compelling is its collaborative creation, involving prestigious entities like PRS for Music, The Ivors Academy, the Music Publishers Association (MPA), and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). This partnership ensures a well-rounded and comprehensive resource that caters to the needs of artists across the spectrum.


A standout feature of the Get Paid Guide is its collection of explainer videos and checklists, which serve as invaluable tools for artists seeking to grasp the often elusive concept of royalties. Fiona Bevan, The Ivors Academy Board Director, expressed the guide’s mission clearly: to ensure that musicians no longer miss out on their rightfully earned royalties.


Bevan elaborated, “This guide simplifies what seems complex by helping songwriters, composers, managers, and publishers understand what they need to know. I hope it puts more money in songwriters’ pockets by taking some of the mystery out of data.”


Notably, the guide also enlightens artists about International Standard Musical Work (ISWC) and International Standard Recording (ISRC) codes through concise and user-friendly videos. Moreover, it invites users to participate in a quiz, offering an interactive way to enhance their understanding of royalties.


Currently, the website features five step-by-step walkthroughs, covering crucial topics such as data and recording codes. Additionally, it presents a “get paid checklist,” which serves as a practical roadmap for artists to maximise their earnings from their creative endeavours.


Michelle Escoffery, President of the PRS Members’ Council, emphasised the significance of this guide for songwriters, calling it a “crucial handbook.” She highlighted the importance of accurate data during the work’s registration process, emphasising that it often proves to be the deciding factor between receiving deserved payments or missing out on them.

With the launch of the Get Paid Guide, artists now have access to a game-changing resource that empowers them to better understand the complexities of metadata, recording codes, and royalties. Check it out here.