Glastonbury 2020 Aims For 50/50 Gender Equal Lineup

As we reach the dawn of a new decade, it’s difficult not to find ourselves absolutely perplexed at the inequality and discrimination present in all facets of our society, and our lives; and of course, the same is said for the music world – when it comes to gender inequality, living as a female or non-binary musician does not afford the same privileges given to men, an archaic institution in which representation is overshadowed by those with ingrained societal privilege.

Although it seems as though the fight against sexism should have already progressed further than we are at this point in time, there are starting to be many changes in the ways the music world is responding to womxn – whether it be taking them more seriously than in previous years after being dismissed due to gender, creating spaces that are inclusive and safe when it comes to discrimination as well as taking action to ensure that the music world truly represents and empowers female musicians, especially when it comes to events and festivals.

Emily Eavis, co-organiser of the iconic Glastonbury festival, has spoken out regarding plans to make sure Glastonbury 2020 is as gender-balanced and inclusive as possible – as festivals such as Glastonbury have mainly always been dominated by men, especially when it comes to headlining acts – Eavis has stated “It’s important we go as close to 50-50 as we can.” but has expressed concern that balancing the lineup, especially when it comes to headliners is a slightly more difficult task, concluding that this is an issue the industry needs to work on, and “nurture all these women coming through.

Reshaping the music industry’s attitude toward tackling sexism, equal representation and empowerment for womxn may seem like a daunting task considering how far we still have to go, but every we take toward dismantling oppression in the music world is a positive one.

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