Giant Swan’s Self-Titled Debut: An Eclectic, Refreshing Twist In Industrial Techno

Giant Swan | Self Titled | KECK

Release Date: 8 November, 2019

Feature Image: Giant Swan by Jennifer Lo

With genre defiance comes a much needed refresh; a break away from what is considered conventional within a specific music scene sculpts a new space entirely – an open experimentation with elements from genres that may seem wildly different from the other, yet hold a powerful influence over all aspects of music creation and production. From each influence comes a new perspective, a way to incorporate details that stand out individually and mould a new sound from what we previously found familiar.

Hailing from Bristol, musicians Robin Stewart and Harry Wright make up the ever compelling, genre-defying duo Giant Swan; rising from the rich culture of Bristol’s ‘underground’ electronic music scene with early appearances on labels such as Howling Owl, and an energetic, colourful exploration of various other labels such as FuckPunk, and 12 inch releases bracing Mannequin, Haunter and more – the duo are known for their thrilling live performances, allowing fans a brand new experience with each performance. With the release of their self-titled debut album, the duo continue to capture a distinct sound that stands out among the club world.

The opening track of the album ‘55 Year Old Daughter’ boldly introduces itself in a rapid flash, processed vocals grilling into an industrial frenzy; shredding vividly into the experimental, a harsh metallic. Progressing into a cohesive and driving beat, the track is dotted with raw, powerful textures, timbres singing an eclectic lucidity and boasting a wonderfully peculiar, yet exciting personality.

Pan Head’ opens in distortion, driving a hint of nostalgia in it’s self-assured extraterrestrial beat – glowing with a video game-esque aura, reminiscent of a soundtrack bright in the 90s Metroidvania universe, the traverse of an alien spaceship studded with tinges of harshness, footsteps on metal grates and tin timbres; the looming possibility of hostile alien life at any turn. The driven beat and layered industrial timbres build a carefully sculpted experimental dance in the outer worlds.

A track showcasing Giant Swan’s ability to experiment with raw, brash textures while still creating a club-ready sound is evident in ‘YFPHNT’, a playful and bold dance through the veins with a blood-pumping, compelling bassline that blooms with tinges of sci-fi electronics; a showcase of the duo’s unique voice, billowing with a powerful rhythm as the aura grows in a complex overflow of layered timbres and colourful experimentation. 

Giant Swan’s debut album is filled with vivid animation and experimentation when it comes to industrial, ‘alternative’ techno – in its nature, the album manages to construct an atmosphere of tracks that are impossible not to dance to – yet with a DIY punk feel underlying each track, boasting the same aura of tough confidence, daring and unafraid of not fitting in with the norm. Giant Swan create a powerful expression in their genre-defiance and genre mashups, and with this influence in the duo’s creative approach, they are able to sculpt club music with bright refreshing twists.

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