Genre chameleon oblyx releases new indie disco song

Genre-defying Bristol-based producer obylx has announced the latest of his monthly single releases, ‘Satellite’. Inspired by classic tales of lost souls heading to the wilderness to find purpose, in late 2017 Oliver Johnson decided he too should embark on his own journey. He created a fictional wanderer called obylx to use as a vessel to chronicle his discovery of self, and dreamt up a mind forest which he could enter during his meditations on life. Since January 2018, obylx has released a new song on the first day of each month. Each December these monthly tracks are expanded into a full album, Once (in 2018) and Twice (in 2019). Drawing on elements of his distinctive idiosyncratic formula, here obylx creates a modern indie disco track. ‘Satellite’ pairs recurrent rhythms with well-modulated vocals as the listener is taken on their own metaphorical journey through spacious soundscapes. The laidback tone radiates with positive energy, striking a contrast to some of the more sober lyrics. 

obylx describes ‘Satellite’ as, “a song about the helpless feeling of being an observer on your own life”.

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