GAUDI Drops Remix of Alien Rapper Johny Dar’s Single ‘Scars’

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Italian-born, London-based producer, composer and musician GAUDI has just shared his remix of experimental electronic artist Johny Dar’s single, ‘Scars’, via Dar The Music. This is an exciting collaboration between the steadfast GAUDI, who has been making music for over ten years, and rising star Johny Dar, who has just begun releasing music. GAUDI’s eclectic use of cross-genre production that touches on electronica, dub and reggae is the ultimate addition to Johny Dar‘s experimental sounds and vocal lines that he refers to as “alien-rap“.

Johny Dar is no stranger to the arts and has his feet firmly planted in the fashion and art world, with music now forming an additional string to his artistic bow. His upcoming debut album ‘Dardelica’ features singles that have already been recognised by lynchpin publications such as Clash Magazine, Paste Magazine, Music Week, Guestlist and 1883 Magazine.This is an artist who is truly bringing something different to the electronic music scene, especially when it comes to vocal experimentation techniques. Johny Dar describes his special technique as “a real, complex, original language and a groundbreaking form of vocal expression that re-designs the soundscape of electronic dance music as we know it, providing an incomparable listening and dance floor experience“, which is a refreshing statement. GAUDI‘s attention was clearly grabbed by the unique nature of Johny Dar‘s music and he went ahead and put his own spin on it with his remix of ‘Scars’.

GAUDI’s remix of ‘Scars’ really emphasises the beautiful manipulations and melodies that Johny Dar layers in the original track, adding an undeniable dreaminess to the song. There is also a newfound dub energy brought forward in the track with GAUDI’s remix style; the song ebbs and flows, intertwined with steady dub beats and mystical synth. The two musicians’ respective styles have come together to create a flawless track that is both captivating and exciting while relaxing and moody.

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