French producer GONE takes ‘Control’ with latest single

Now we love watching artists rise and gain the recognition they deserve in the industry. Consider it a satisfying itch that’s scratched after riding the waves of the tumultuous past few years of performing arts. Naturally, we were excited when we’d found out that GONE, whom we sat down for an interview with last year, had recently been signed by the UK tour agents Earth Agency (who are behind artists such as Apparat and Tiga) as well as the French agency Dif Prod (who also have Rone and Chloe on their roster). You can imagine how that excitement grew when we heard he had another single in the works.

Stream / Download: ‘Control’

‘Control’, released this week via Enchanté Records takes us straight back into the old school techno banger territory of the 90’s. The single follows the release of GONE’s debut EP, Sources which was released latest year and quickly grew with popularity. While Sources took its time, melding in elements of electronica into the mix, ‘Control’ is driven and hypnotic: you’ve got no chance to escape and most likely very little will to do so. 

The producer reveals the story behind the creation: “I made this track in a hurry the night before a live performance that I played at Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. It describes this inapprehensible feeling when you abandon yourself to an evil and mechanical techno beat.”


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Image credit: Daniel Lima

Written by Sarah Britton