French Fries & Coni present “Liquids” for Piu Piu’s upcoming compilation

Rinse FM is gearing up for another stunning release, this time with French-DJ Piu Piu for her compilation next Rinse France présente, Piu Piu – Local Time. There’s not too that much information out there about what exactly the compilation will entail, but French Fries and Coni’s newest track has been unleashed and we’re very excited about the rest of the compilation if this song is anything to go by.

“Liquids” is dark, low, and strikes hard. Like music encompassed within liquid, the song seems like its all about its physical space- it’s easy to hear the song in your veins and in your bones. Piu Piu, your next tracks have a lot to live up to.

Listen to it below.

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