Four Tet, Skrillex, and Fred Again.. close Coachella

Four Tet, Skrillex, and Fred Again.. performed at the Coachella music festival on Sunday, April 23, taking the headlining slot after Frank Ocean’s departure from the weekend 2 lineup. They were confirmed to join the festival on April 20, after Frank Ocean announced that injuries would prevent him from returning to the event. This trio has already collaborated earlier this year on a track called Baby Again.. and performed together for five hours at Madison Square Garden in February.

However, the livestream of their Coachella performance was plagued by audio problems that made it difficult for fans to hear the music clearly. Fans reported that the audio was echoed and muffled right from the start, and the problem persisted throughout the show, leading to many fans switching off the livestream halfway through the performance. The lack of communication from the organisers about the technical difficulties further frustrated the fans.

Many fans tuning in from around the globe felt that the audio issues during the livestream were a major letdown, with many disappointed that the organisers did not address or resolve the technical difficulties during the show. Despite this, the trio’s performance was a major draw for fans of electronic music, and their collaboration at Coachella highlighted their continued synergy.