Flako featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson: Twelve O’Clock Shadow

Twelve O’Clock Shadow is the latest sneak peak to come from Flako’s upcoming debut album ‘Natureboy’. The name Flako may bring A$AP Rocky to mind, however this sonic juggernaut is more likely to be found sipping jasmine green tea than prescription cough syrup.

The song starts dissonantly, almost like a movie soundtrack. This isn’t a quick judgement made on the lack of vocals, this is due to the collaboration with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson.
Miguel, who happens to be the mastermind behind a lot of the music for the TV series Dexter, has added his instrumentalist touch on this record and it resonates throughout. That’s not to take anything away from the London based Flako; it hints that the work on this upcoming album is going to be just as dynamic and forward thinking than his previous releases, if not more.

It’s difficult to take on the role of musical shepherd and direct this record into a genre, not because of its lack of definition but due to it’s wide appeal. The warm guitar coupled with drum triplets keeps your head above water in an otherwise enticing sea of strings.

Twelve O’clock Shadow is a fantastic track from an artist who is set to excel as 2015 progresses. With any luck, this will coincide with when we all realise that electronic and organic sounds aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can pre-order ‘Natureboy’ before its release on the 23 March here. Flako will playing live at Birthdays in London on the 1 April – for tickets and more information head here.  

Written by Mark Campion.