Find Me In The Dark At Corsica Studios

Room One at Corisca Studios was host to a Berlin takeover; a three hour set from Florian Kupfer followed by four hours of Function. Unenthralled by Florian, initially the set looked promising only to then take a serious nose-dive. Train wreck mixes and dubious track selection saw several abandoning ship.

Thankfully, the Lobster Theramin crew in Room Two were impressive and had room heaving for most of the night. Limo played a great party set – despite the dipping in and out of slightly darker tracks tampering with the overall set momentum. Jako’s hour long live set started nice and steady, using his own live vocals to add to the mix and gradually upping the tempo until melodies were writhing like snakes in a pit of uplifting techno. Later on in the night, Daze provided real atmosphere with his soulful tracks spreading their energy through the veins of the crowd. 

Back in Room One, Function kicked off with an old school rave vibe, marching on into an upbeat onslaught of percussion. Growing with the crowd – the sets flow and energy level was judged perfectly. A heroic remix of Crystal Waters, Gyspy Woman flowing into a track by CJ Bolland was a highlight.

Two hours down and two to go, the momentum remained high as the sound became deeper and tougher; tripping out at 6am into a series of fast moving melodies and sonic bleeps with a definite nod to psybeats; Perfectly judged for the time of the morning.

You can grab tickets to the next event on the 3rd May at Corsica here.

Tickets here.

Written by Abbi Farham