Fabric Nightclub To Close?

Frightful news has emerged that super-club Fabric may face closure over drug deaths.

We have witnessed many of London’s staple clubs vanish from the scene over the years. The End came to an end back in 2009, Vauxhall’s Hidden will remain hidden under rubble, beloved Cable was pushed aside to make room for London Bridge station. There were even rumours that Ministry Of Sound would have no place in the ‘gentrification’ of Elephant & Castle. 

It appears that Fabric may be next on the hit-list. 

Police has taken action against Fabric and are looking to revoke the club’s license over claims that over the past 3 years 8 people have collapsed, 4 of whom have died, after taking Ecstasy, MDMA and various other ‘assortments.’ 

In a police report submitted to the committee, Pc Steven Harrington said: “It attracts clientele from all over Europe and it would seem that the immaturity or lifestyle of these patrons leads to them becoming actively involved in the taking of illegal drugs and this could account for the disproportionate and wholly unacceptable number of deaths and near death incidents at the venue.”

The threat of closure is being taken very seriously by Police who have also ordered that Fabric increase their security and introduce the use of sniffer dogs. They view Fabric as one of London’s most ‘troublesome’ clubs, with 12 drug possession or dealing offences for MDMA, ecstasy and Ketamine recorded between April and October this year.

There have already been floods of protest from residents against the threat of closure arguing that the club has stood strong for 10 years and despite negative instances it has brought culture and diversity to the area. Some have also pointed out that if Fabric were to shut down because of drugs, what about other night clubs? 

Islington Council are to review Fabric’s license tonight. A Petition has been started to help save the club, sign it here: LINK

We’ll be rooting for you Fabric!

Written by Alex Lewis