Factory Floor gear up for their debut album ’25 25′ and release ‘Dial Me In’

Factory Floor are getting ready for their latest album 25 25, out with James Murphy‘s DFA Records. To get ready for the release, they’ve released ‘Dial Me In,’ the first single off the LP.

Taking a more toned down approach than some of their work in the past, ‘Dial Me In’ is rooted strongly in analog dance and acid roots, leaving any of the vocal work they had in their previous work in the dust on this single. It’s relatively simple in song progression, but it more than makes up for it with an instantly catchy beat and stellar production work.

On the single, they said-

“Being openly progressive has always been the Factory Floor way, be it via improvisational live shows, early Blast First releases, DFA reworks, or open studio collaborations and residencies.’Dial Me In’ was the first track Gabe and I wrote together for this record. At this time we were both exploring new set ups – some unfamiliar gear like modular systems, as well as various machines combined with regular old stuff like my Roland sampler, live drums and effected live vocals.”

25 25 is out 19th August 2016. Pre-order the album via iTunes and Bandcamp.

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