Exploring Michael Oakley’s latest synthwave LP

       Image credit: Jon Simo

It wasn’t too long ago that Michael Oakley appeared on our radar with his newly released album, Odyssey. The LP stood out for a number of reasons, including its warm-spirited tone, the well-known featured artists Ollie Wride and Dana Jean Phoenix as well as several memorable songs. Listeners thought so as well, as the album reached #8 in the Worldwide Album Charts on Bandcamp while peaking at #4 on the Electronic Album Chart with glowing reviews from the Daily Express and New Retro Wave to boost.

While singles such as ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ with a radio edit from Jon Campbell and The Glasglow Song’ with Dana Jean Phoenix garnered attention, we turned our heads to the sacred song ‘Babylon’. It here, it the organic elements of bird song, pan flute and rhythmic grooves that we found peace, gently awash with mysticism and adventure. With that being said, there are several noteworthy songs on the album, including ‘Wake Up!’ featuring Ollie Ride and the creative ‘Queen Of Hearts’ – go forth and pick your favourite. 

At the beginning of this month, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the producer. Speaking of the future, Michael Oakley told us: “There’s going to be a super awesome livestream event happening which I’ll be announcing soon. We filmed that last month at a studio with my band so I’m very excited about that. There’s also an unplugged live EP that I’m releasing later this year of just me on piano, singing with my acoustic guitarist in a more intimate performance.”

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