Explore the framework of Pablo Bolivar’s minimal techno dream

 Image credit: Javier Alonso

As you recount your dreams to an attentive listener, what are the basic elements that seem to hold each concept together? Do you have a running theme that intertwines with each night or are you cast across time and space: with each time you lay your head down to rest, a new adventure unfolds? Take a step with us into the framework of Pablo Bolivar’s dream, in the shape of his recently released album.

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Framework Of A Dream, released last Friday via Seven Villas, has also been accompanied by several music videos, all crafted by the visual producer EBlo (otherwise known as Stephen Holmes). First, fans were treated with the celestial video for Hoopoo, followed by the cooly ethereal video for ‘Dusk Light ft. Ben Preisinger’ and the warm and welcoming video for ‘Elevator ft. Ben Preisinger’. The latest of videos from the pair is for Fuse with its gently refractive colours catching the attention of Mandorasindahouse. 

The Spanish producer returned home during the pandemic. It was during this time, surrounded by a mixture of lush scenery and serenity, that Pablo Bolivar was able to find the inspiration for his album. This inspiration is reflected in each of the music videos, as we journey across the globe with the producer and into the uninterrupted skies. Mixing techno with organic concepts, two starkly juxtaposing points, Pablo Bolivar has created an LP to both calm the senses and inspire creativity. 

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By Sarah Britton