Experimental musician Ed Is Dead portrays a disturbed society in latest album

Prior to covid, there was still a GLOBAL SICKNESS that has been dominating the world for quite some time. Seeping into people’s minds, distorting their principles and breeding hatred amongst each other. Ed Is Dead provides a counterpoint to this with his newly released album, GLOBAL SICKNESS. The album is created to highlight these issues, dragging them to light and laying them down to display in front of the eyes (and ears) of the public. However, hope is not all lost. The erratic electronic embellishments carry an organic positivity that drive the listener into motivation – pushing for change and pulling for a better world.

GLOBAL SICKNESS Digital –  On vinyl

Ed Is Dead tells us about the album:

“I believe that 2020 was a year of global reflection and what many of us have been thinking is materializing: the world is sick, and if we don’t fix it, nature will take care of it. Throughout the album there is a guiding element: time as a metaphysical concept (Time is God, Cycles, Endlessly or the “Fuck this” chorus with Serulla singing: “buying tiiiiime”) but I also make allusions to certain problems that I think affect our civilization such as the Ego (Inner love, For Me) Social Media (Fuck this), Climate Change (Endlessly, Cycles) or the ease of the human being to complicate our existence (Keep it Simple).”

Ed is Dead’s latest album (GLOBAL SICKNESSvia Idioteque Records) is available on both digital platforms and to purchase as a limited edition blue vinyl. The album features the ego-centric single, ‘Inner Love’ as well ‘Time Is God’ whose music video won the Best Experimental Short Film award from the 2020 South London Film Festival, and ‘Endlessly’, a single that’s been rocking the airwaves for the past month. However, listeners will be able to find a wealth of new and intriguing tracks to listen to.

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By Sarah Britton