Exclusive: We traverse the Medallion Compilation mix with Landlord’s House Coat

It’s been a slight minute since we had a mix, but no fear, we’ve teamed up with Landlord’s House Coat to get you the mix you need to get you to the end of the week. The Medallion Compilation, released by the London Collective of the same name, features a myriad of different styles and sounds that come together to display why the group has become such a strong name in the underground world.

We’re excited today to work with Landlord’s House Coat, who had this to say about the mix-

“I put together this mix to celebrate the release of the long awaited Medallion Sounds Compilation Vol 1. Includes a whole bunch of stuff from the compilation along with some new tracks and old favourites. Enjoy!”

Check out the mix and the compilation below, along with the tracklist. Purchase the compilation via Bandcamp here.


Deft – Fallout
Thing – Let It Roll
Dexta – Choke
Aurora Dee Raynes – Patterns
Lewis James – Planet 9
Touchy Subject – Bloodmoon
Moresounds – Braaka Töölö
Sully – Rotten (Sam Binga Remix)
Deft – For Sudden
Dub Phizix – Marka
Touchy Subject – Rip It Up (Landlord’s House Coat Remix)
Kid Lib – Kunta Kinte’s Ride
Death Grips – Guillotine (TGE’s Footwork Edit)
Machinedrum – All I Really Want
Rebound X – Rhythm ‘n’ Gash (Landlord’s House Coat Edit)
Tehbis – Dalmatians
Landlord’s House Coat – Start Movin – (Touchy Subject Remix)
Richie Brains – The Nine Two Three
DJ Rashad – acid bit (feat. addison groove)
Fracture ft.DJ_Spinn & Taso – Acid Claps
2000f & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is (Producer Vee’s $20.13 Easy Money Refix)
Vorres – One Of These Old Days
Stayhigh – Never Forget (David Koatix VIP Mix)
Adam F – Circles (Phillip D. Kick Footwork edit)
Bennelux – Knockin’ Doors Down (Deep Burnt)
Sertone – Going Hard
Dawn Day Night – Mister Meanor
Crypticz – Phutures
Tehbis & Landlord’s House Coat – THNX 2 U
Landlord’s House Coat – Watch Yo’ Step
B3no – The End is Near
Surly – Drown
Dekko – Party People
Sweatson Klank – LISTEN TO THE LOVE
Stray – Long Lost
Landlord’s House Coat – Eviction Notice
DJ Krust – Kloaking Device (Fracture_remix)
Richie Brains – Dem A Talk Bout ft Trigga
Snares – Black Sabbath
Tehbis & Jon1st – Atmosphere Flip

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