[Exclusive Video Premiere] Phelian releases debut music video for emotional track, ‘Komorebi’

Written by Arnold van der Walt

New Orleans producer, Phelian, shared his debut music video exclusively with The Playground; the track ‘Komorebi’ is the closing track from his acclaimed debut full-length album, ‘Quadrivium’. Phelian has seen widespread organic success with his music, as fans have been sharing his music ever since he started releasing them. A prime example is his track ‘Lost’, which is inching closer and closer to 9 million plays on Youtube alone as the whole world has been entranced by his smooth and calming production style.

We here at The Playground are no strangers to Phelian, roughly 3 months ago we shared an interview and a mix he curated exclusively for us. The track is available for free download and you can read the interview here.

Phelian’s latest single, ‘Komorebi’, sees the innovative producer reach deep and bring forth an emotional journey of love, heartache and hope. ‘Komorebi’ is a Japanese word which doesn’t have a direct translation in English, but roughly translated it’s a term describing the way light filters through the leaves of trees, bringing light to the dark shadows beneath. Phelian proves that even though it might be dark where you currently are in life, never forget to look beyond your current position and see the sun shining bright, waiting for it’s turn to fully engulf you in the warmth that it provides. His production builds with each transition as a sense of serene peacefulness flows across the listeners body. With a talent to reach into your emotions with ethereal instrumentals, Phelian manages to create a thick and smooth piece of work that inspires the listener to open up their hearts and allow themselves to be vulnerable.

The video for ‘Komorebi’ was completely shot and edited by Phelian himself in London. Most of the video contains shots of autumn leaves, clinging defiantly to the trees as the life leaves their fragile structure. Halfway in, as the viewer enters a tunnel, the track and the tone shifts. The melancholic atmosphere of ‘Komorebi’ is transformed into a warm sense of hope, of calmness, of acceptance. Lifeless trees burst with colour as Autumn transitions into Spring; welcoming a new season, with new opportunities.

About the video for ‘Komorebi, Phelian said,”The video came together in about two days. While exploring the outdoors here in London, I was struck by the beauty of the parks and forests. I just began filming and documenting what I saw and after upon going over what I captured- I felt the imagery and subject matter was quite fitting for the last track on my album.

Phelian has provided the world with yet another stunning track and a fitting music video. This is the first time we are able to see the visual aspect of Phelian’s music, so the shift is refreshing and hopefully not the last.

Watch Phelian’s latest music video for ‘Komorebi’ exclusively on The Playground here:



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