EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Chris Kaz’s ‘Track 2’

Introducing the exclusive new ‘Track 02’ by musician Chris Kaz. Born and raised in London, of mixed Greek, German & Sri Lankan descent, he is also not an average artist.

Composer, producer and film-maker, his story is most precariously drawn of all expectations. Multi-talented; he crosses into classical, left, tech step with his bass driven future soul-full beats and harmonies that you can clearly hear comes from a classical childhood with an electronic maturity.His portfolio is a hard drive stacked with thousands of golden meta-streaks which retains so much warmth and soul it will transpire to all who listens to him. The movement on-wards into off-pop, left, deep, dub-step, house, tech, alternative, experimental, classical electronic is being championed by a new hero and his intro “Track 01” is only the start. His LP’s consist of classical harmonies, electronic soundscapes, soul, gospel, gregorian, Left Chris Shiz, Quartz sound frequencies, live percussion and a movement he’s been collating and working on for quite some time whilst working for other people and himself.Enough said for now, his story will be revealed soon I’m sure, check out links below…

It’s the follow up from Track 01 which was released earlier this year, supported by Pigeons and Planes, i-D and Complex. Both feature on his debut E.P. released in 2017.

Kaz commented on Track 01:“the moments in time, between lovers and one who thinks much of the nights or moments where everything has gone completely wrong and the memory of it, how they never leave your memory, the feeling that makes you jump up and attempt to push these memories away in disapproval, not excitement.

“Track 01” was a personal story that turned into a nightmare of
which I was saved by nothing but my own manifestation of her love.”

Stream the premiere of this latest track below on Soundcloud:

Chris Kaz – Track 02

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