Interview: Five more minutes with TGC

It was a time before covid when TGC entered our lives, bringing with them a magical sparkle and the single ‘ECG’ taken from their upcoming album Parallels. It was at this point that we sat down with them for an exclusive interview, in which we explored the duo’s creative process and they laid out their hopes for the upcoming months and years. In the following years, with a series of twists and turns, the pair released several more singles, accompanied by lyric and music videos. As the two have built towards the release of Parallels, they have shared their love for mysticism, romanticism and genuine kindness with the world. If you’re hoping to get a clue of what to expect in the upcoming album check out their recently released single, ‘Summon Our Love’ below.

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Naturally, we were eager to sit down with TGC and reconnect with them the day before the official release of Parallels. Join us as we catch with Marlow Bevan and Milla Fay Sunde in the exclusive follow up interview below.

Hi Marlow and Milla, thanks for sitting down with us again. What are you two getting up to today?

Today, we are feeling a lovely sense of contentment with the final release of our third album coming this week! It’s been a long journey, with both personal and professional challenges along the way. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been signing Vinyl and CD Pre-Orders, which has been very touching. We’re so grateful to have such a group of passionate supporters still excited for what we have to offer. 

Tell us about how the last year and a half was for you. How did the global circumstances affect your creativity?

As for most musicians, I think the inability to play live has been very difficult. In some ways, we were lucky as we still had the album to finish. Of course, we’ve experienced great empathy and sadness for those worst affected. In the beginning, we were following updates every day (since we rarely look at the news) but after a while it was important for us to continue daydreaming and escape into the aspirational world we tend to live in. Most of our music is born in such a place. The pandemic has certainly made us incredibly grateful for the freedoms we previously took for granted. We’re really excited to enter back into the physical world, play shows and connect with people offline.

Your upcoming album, Parallels, has been in the works for several years. Which is your favourite song from the album and why?

It’s difficult to choose, but it may be the title track. It was one of those songs that came really quickly, an idea we’d forgotten about and then rediscovered. Many of our productions are very lengthy, exploring lots of different versions before arriving at the completed track. With “Parallels” all the parts just materialized immediately, with most of the production in place within an evening. I imagine many of us have dreamt about a Parallel universe where paths would’ve taken us elsewhere. 

Your previous single ‘Sophie’ saw you exploring the stars, inspired by childhood memories of aliens. Tell us about the steps you took to recreate this ethereal feeling

With many of our songs, there isn’t much initial mental thought involved! Sometimes we’re not sure where any of the musical ideas have come from, they just flow out (at least the good ones!). However, once the musical ideas were in place, Milla drew upon some vivid childhood memories and just started improvising. Many of our songs begin that way, it feels like the purest avenue for the melody based on unfiltered instincts. It’s definitely a unique song for us, every one is a blessing.

What are your plans following the release of Parallels? What’s the next big step for TGC?

Our main hope now is to play lots and lots of shows! We’re really excited to focus on performance for a little while now, and perhaps offer some live streaming for people who don’t have the opportunity to see us in person. Watch this space, as the world starts to open up again!

One last thought to leave with your fans?

There is a great synergy between us and our fans, they’re better at describing our music than we ever could be! It’s amazing how much they understand about us by listening since we rarely give interviews. There is a warmth we feel that is very special. It hasn’t been an easy journey in this industry but travelling alongside such sweet people has made it a beautiful one. 

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By Sarah Britton