Interview: Five more minutes with Eau Rouge

  Image credit: Mario Simic

Eau Rouge, an indie-rock trio from Berlin, have just released their latest single, ‘I Know That I Know’, accompanied by a colourful music video, via Riptide Records. When we last spoke to them, the band were gearing up for another album release and we discussed the ever-changing music scene in the UK. With the album release a celebrated success (contributing to their playcount of over 7 million across platforms) and the industry facing even more turmoil than before, we couldn’t wait to touch base with the band.

Find out what Eau Rouge know in the exclusive interview below.

Welcome back! What have you been up to in the four years since our last interview?

Good to be back! We played some awesome festivals, learnt a lot about music and ourselves, went DIY for an EP release, developed our sound, spent thousands of kilometres on the road, kinda moved to Berlin and now we’re here working on new music.

This year in particular has been tumultuous for many. Tell us about how your plans changed and what you would like to accomplish next year?

We got lucky as we planned to make a new record this year anyway, so we didn’t miss out on a tour. There still were several festivals we would have played that got cancelled and it doesn’t make financing the production any easier.

For next year, the most important thing is that we get over this pandemic together and then get back on stage as soon as possible! And of course, we have a new record coming up.

In our last interview with you, there was mention made of how easy it is to for an unskilled musician to produce music with modern technology. With this, we can see much more music that’s not necessarily approved by mainstream media. What do you think some of the pros and cons of this would be?

One has to say it really shaped a new aesthetic in sounds and made a certain roughness much more acceptable. For example, we like that distorted and squashed drum sound and a lot of that has come from bedroom-pop and cloud-rappers. So nothing really negative about it.

How have you refined your craft since you entered the industry?

We’ve definitely become much more at home on stage and also in the studio. Here, we’re taking new tasks like recording most of the album by ourselves and doing the rough mixes. All of that brings us closer to achieve our vision of the album.

Tell us about how lockdown has impacted the way you’ve created music as a band?

We definitely recorded more from home and it gives you the chance to concentrate more on the details, little elements here and there that you don’t have time to focus on in the rehearsal room. The album probably was recorded ⅓ in the rehearsal room, then the next 3rd at home and the last 3rd in the studio in Berlin.

When touring becomes viable again, where is the first place you would like to perform?

Lido in Berlin. It is just around the corner from Riverside Studios where we are producing our new album and would be the perfect place to present it to the public.

Which came first when you created ‘I Know That You Know’ – the sound or the idea?

It really was the sound for this one. It just happened to be that each of us had a sound dialled in and they clicked together. From there it was a 20-minute jam in which we basically wrote the whole song including the solo.

Famous last words?

Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. 😉

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