Interview: 5 Minutes with Sébastien Léger

Image: Courtesy artist

Let’s return to the ever-evolving space of the French electronic scene. Here, we’ll find Sébastien Léger, the unorthodox musician who is carving his way through techno. Reinventing the genre with the sole aim to keep the dancefloor moving, the producer works tirelessly to ensure that the perfect blend between emotion and heavy basslines is found. His latest release is Feels, the EP, shared via All Day I Dream is a mark of this, as we travel through the title track, pausing to stop in the irresistible ‘Lava’ for a moment before moving on to greet the ‘Sun of Sun’

If you’re keen to see his work in action, we thoroughly recommend you catch him at one of the All Day I Dream shows in Denver, Chicago, or New York. The Denver performance will be happening this weekend and you can get the tickets here

For now, join us as we explore the mind of the well-known producer in the exclusive interview below.

Hi Sébastien, thank you for joining us – what are you up to today?

Cleaning the house upside-down, because that is what I do! 

You’ve evolved quite a bit over the years, from deep house to electro, French touch to more progressive sounds. What has driven this constant evolution?

My very first production was 23 years ago and it was French house. It was the type of music we were used to hearing and playing back then. I was really into it. 

The thing is, I change my sound because I get bored very quickly and in my opinion, it’s not very exciting to make the same beats forever. I think it’s boring. It’s part of the evolution as an artist to move on. I also want to point out that I’m not a progressive house producer; I’ve never been into progressive house myself and I actually don’t know much about that scene. I would call my music groovy, deep, melodic house. Progressive has that connotation of slower trance, which I don’t feel like I belong. 

With your shifts in sound, do you see your music changing direction in the future? If so, where do you feel it headed?

There will be some changes in the future for sure, but nothing that extreme. It will remain the same as what I do now but maybe with more modern or futuristic sounds. It will be more classic sounding. I will for sure move on because as I said before, I don’t like to stay in one place. You have to move on so that the audience does not get bored as well. 

Your latest EP, Feel has just been released by All Day I Dream. Tell us about the inspiration behind the EP.

There’s one track on it called “Sun Of Sun”—that track is actually 3 years old. The reason it’s just coming out now is that I had a ton of requests from people wondering when it would be released. This came out purely because people wanted it. For “Feel” and “Lava,” these tracks were born in the COVID/lockdown era, so they’re pretty new even though for me they’re a year old already. 

In terms of inspiration, like everything else I do, there isn’t really inspiration. I just kind of go with the flow and see what happens. That’s just what happened with these two tracks.

Which song is your personal favourite on the EP? Which one shouldn’t listeners sleep on and why?

“Feel.” That’s an easy, instant pick for me. I’ve sent in like 10-15 tracks to Lee this past year, but this is the one that was extremely special. It’s not the strongest or “easiest” one I’ve made, but it’s my favorite of the three because it’s different. 

Tell us about your label Lost Miracle. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced while running it this past year?

I run the label by trying to not spam my audience with releases, so I try to release once every two-to-three months so that there’s space between each artist’s release. It’s so easy these days to release every week, but then it becomes very impersonal. I like to run my label with care and quality music that I like. I make sure each EP has good club tracks that stay around for a long time. 

Are there any artists under Lost Miracles that you’re particularly excited to be working with at the moment?

All the artists I’ve signed are pretty much all friends. They’re actually mostly from Tel Aviv for some reason…it’s like an Israeli label but not (laughs).  I’m working on collaborations with Tim Green and Roy Rosenfeld,  even though I don’t know if these tracks will end up on Lost Miracle or not. I like to hang with friends and make good music. I think Roy is coming with something nice very soon!

Tell us a little more about your upcoming Modular Live Show. What should fans expect?

After the Cercle video we did at the Pyramids, we wanted to do the live show as a tour before Cercle but Cercle was of course the perfect way to introduce it to people. It will be the same set, up but with more production. The live show will be mostly the same in terms of the track list, but will have some changes. I changed some versions of tracks that people know. It’s not like a DJ set where everyone already knows the tracks. It’s live, so I made it a little different. It’s gonna be nice and stressful at the same time. 

One last thought to leave with your fans?

Thank you for the support. It’s nice to have people appreciate what you do. It’s cheesy, I know, but thank you for the support for real!

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