Interview: Five Minutes with Rome In Reverse

Antonella Pacifico, professionally known as Rome In reverse is an avant-garde dance producer, who is based in Copenhagen. Her roots and childhood are based in Italy, but her passion for music production started and bloomed in Copenhagen. Her new single ‘Oracolo’ is a euphoric listening experience. The mix and mastering of the single was done by the acclaimed Sun Glitters.  We get into the mindset of the talented Rome In Reverse in our exclusive interview. 

Set the tone for us. Why the arts?

My career in the music industry started with “grunge” and “post rock” but, thanks to this background, the inner me comes out like an explosion. During the years, I found out, the electronic music expresses myself.

Which comes first when you’re producing – the sound or the idea?

It’s the melody that comes first! I produce samples and then loops. When I feel the balance between them it’s a match.

Does your material feature any collaborations?

Sun Glitters used to handle the mixing and the mastering.

What’s on your current playlist?

Electronic music, techno music, post-rock, electro swing, electronic downtempo.

Tell us about the chemistry you have with your fans on stage.

When I see people enjoying it’s gasoline.

What techniques do you experiment with to get your original sound?

It’s not a secret that I loop and reverse. 

Take us through a day in the recording studio.

Liters of coffee, headphones, no sense sound until the perfect melodies (it could take a whole day) then bass, 3/4 drums with different rhythms, a sample of my voice in a loop.

Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “this is what I want to do”?

Since I started to play music I knew this was my way.

What do you keep close by while you’re playing a set?

A glass of wine.

Any emerging artists on your radar?

Not really.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

It’s something I can’t explain, I feel addicted to the music, I always have to produce what happens in my mind. It makes me feel alive. 

Take us through your collection of gear, tech or software that accompanies your creative expression.

I used to use Ableton and Omnisphere to produce music. This software helped me to mature my works.

Any side projects you’re working on?


How have you refined your craft since you entered the industry?

I never stop playing.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you this year?

I actually point to the goal.

Famous last words?

Why not?

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