EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Five Minutes With… Nathan Fake

After the successful release of Nathan Fake’s Providence album earlier this year, the artist is back on the road with a string of tour dates ahead.

A heavy touring schedule previously contributed to burnout, and struggling to come up with new musical ideas, Fake experienced a serious case of writer’s block, a period of creative lassitude that seemed to have frustrated his budding career.

However, the talented musician has laid those ghosts to rest, producing an album that is magnificent in its scope, impressive in its complexity and emotionally charged throughout.

We chatted to him about Providence, and getting back on the road….

You’ve been very forthcoming about your recent album Providence giving you a way out of a ‘dark period’ of writer’s block. Were you battling with personal inspiration, or was it more a general weariness with music that was blocking you? (i.e. Were you still listening/going out to music at the time?)
It was a mixture of personal things and musical stuff i guess. Nothing major, just being a bit preoccupied with touring and not getting enough time in the studio over a few years. It feels really good to be back though.

Do you think that being involved in the electronic scene from such a young age maybe contributed to feelings of burnout?
Not really – I’d experienced a kind of writers block early on too, mostly after my 1st album. I think most artists go through it really. I guess pressure mounts as you progress through time though, although getting writers block after a debut album is a bit like “shit is that all I’ve got in me?”.

Did this process of ‘working through’ the writer’s block lead you to discover new sounds/new techniques for the album? Did you have to invent your way out of the problem?
Yeah definitely – I think I kind of consciously stepped up my game production wise, and consciously use totally different equipment etc, and that kind of gave me a kick. It’s definitely good to set yourself challenges, big or small.

What piece of advice would your present self give your younger self, just as he was starting out his music career?
Just carry on doing your own thing no matter how low-brow you think your production techniques are, and stop giving yourself such a hard time.

Are you looking forward to getting back on the road? Do you get energised by playing live, or do you see it as ‘time away’ from the studio?
Yes, playing live is a really big part of my life and my musical world, it’s pretty much essential. It’s exhausting but completely invigorating.

Finally, how are you feeling about 2017? How do you think musicians will be affected by the uncertainty and upheaval the world is experiencing right now?
I think music’s always been a way to lift people out of doom and gloom, to escape or protest.It’ll definitely be interesting to see how music will evolve over the next 10 years or so. also protest can make really interesting musical movements emerge so I think something radical will emerge from the UK pretty soon.

Catch Nathan Fake live:

09/06 So Good Fest, Bordeax, France – Tickets
17/06 Garufa Club, La Coruna, Spain – Tickets
23/06 Groene Heuvels, Nijmegen, Netherlands – Tickets
02/08 Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, Netherlands – Tickets
24/08 Festival Forte, Coimbra, Portugal – Tickets
26/10 Vooruit Ghent, Belgium- Tickets


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