Interview: Five Minutes with Joris Delacroix

Last month Joris Delacroix marked his tenth year anniversary of producing music by releasing his latest single, ‘Time To Lose’. The electronic producer grew up in the south of France, playing the piano from a young age. The music scene of the late 90s and early 2000s along with producers such as Daft Punk only served to fuel his passion for music, which caused the launching of his career in the industry with a release on local label Way Of House.

Since then, the French producer has released two albums and a slew of singles and EPs along with continuing to show his fans love on stage. His second event for the SuperSet project, a stage performance containing both live and DJ set elements, will be held on the 17th of August. He will also be performing at France’s Electroday Festival on 31st August

During this busy time we were able to sit down with him and get a sneak peek into the extraordinary mind of Joris Delacroix.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How’s your year been so far?

It’s been a cool year. After releasing my album last year I made a tour essentially based on concert and festival venues. This year I launched the SuperSet project which is a hybrid live-DJ set which allowed me to reconnect with the clubbing scene, where my music comes from. I also made my first release with Hungry Music and it went very well, so I’d say I’m pretty happy with this year.

Tell us about your journey in music, what inspired you to start?

It started when I began going into clubs and hear DJs. I really wanted to do the same thing my own. So I got into DJ’ing but also producing, because for me the two things had to go together. So I went into club music, but I think I always needed to express something more sensitive with melodies, that’s how I made my first tracks.

The release of your latest track, ‘Time To Lose’ marked your tenth year of making music. How has the industry changed over the years? 

It changed a lot. When I started, I thought it was easier to broadcast electronic music, with the first years of Soundcloud and the pre-algorithmic era of the Internet. Now if you want to be listened to, you can’t just create good music, you also have to get good skills for online promotion and social media. This is not my speciality, so I’m glad I arrived just before that!

Are there any key pieces of equipment you find yourself using regularly at the moment? And how does this differ to the equipment you used in the early days? 

Yes, my Prophet6 synth. For 3 years now I take it everywhere with me, on my gigs and in the studio. I also use my Moog synths a lot but these are not leaving the studio anymore.

Talking about you as a music producer, what do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

Honestly, just the fact that I’m still here 10 years later is an absolute pride for me. When I stopped my job to make music, I knew I could just live with it for 3 months, and I didn’t really know what was coming next. So making gigs every week, having some fans following me and keeping this up is the biggest achievement for me. I hope it’ll go on for many years!

What are the 5 most influential artists that have impacted your music career the most?

They are a lot, it’s a little hard to pick just 5, but let’s say Jimi Hendrix, Daft Punk, Solomun, Stephan Bodzin, Kendrick Lamar, and everything released by the label Border Community between 2004 and 2011.

What else can we expect from you this year?

I have new tracks coming for single releases. We had a very good feeling with the label Hungry Music so I think we’ll make other releases together. So this year, I’ll keep releasing tracks and play hybrid sets everywhere I’m asked to!

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