Interview: Five Minutes with Andrea Oliva

Solardo proudly launches their brand new label Sola Nauts with long-time friend Andrea Oliva getting the nod for the first release with his Freaks EP

Solardo shared some insight into the release and the launch of their new label:

Sola Nauts is our new venture into the more underground and experimental world of house and techno. When Andrea sent us Freaks we thought that it was perfect to kick off the label due to its moody freakish-like vibe

Freaks also features an acid remix from the Manchester duo.

Andrea Oliva’s current status as an established international headline act is the result of an entirely organic journey. Born in ’81, Andrea began teaching himself to DJ at the age of 13. In 2004 he was invited to DJ at Space for the first time and over the following years cemented himself at the heart of Ibiza culture. Throughout his career, Andrea has upheld an ever-strong release schedule, with EP’s on Hot Creations, Desolat, Saved, Moon Harbour, Relief, Rejected, Kaluki and Circus among others

Andrea Oliva’s Freaks EP drops on the 11th September via Sola Nauts

How does it feel to be kicking things off on Sola Nauts? 

It’s a premiere for me as well, I’ve never done the very first release on a label, and I am excited to do this with and for my friends Solardo.  

How did the “Freaks” EP come together?

I’ve had that track on my computer for a while and having played it to Solardo they loved it. I just had to put some final touches to it and we decided that with a remix from them, this could be a very good release to launch the new label. 

What is the story behind your relationship with Solardo? How did you establish a connection?

How can you not love those guys?! Always positive, always up for a party! Over all the years on tour, there is people you connect with and people you connect less. I love the guys.

Since live shows have been put on hold, is there any particular production technique or musical skill you have been focusing on in the studio?

Time is my best friend nowadays. Now I have plenty of time to have days off followed by full days and nights in the studio, being able to manage your time this way without any pressure to be rushing is a blessing for your creativity.  

Which piece of hardware or software would you consider the most essential in your setup, and that you would be a little lost without?

It’s a silly one but I would say without my shortcuts for Logic I would freak out as I am not patient, I need to have access to certain commands instantly, things just need to happen fast for me in a productive moment. So I would say shortcuts save you a lot of boring “lego“ construction kind of work.

What kind of relationship do you have with the internet? How does this inform your artistic expression?

You need to know when and for what you use it. The internet can be super useful if we talk about production skills. You can find a lot of tutorials and effective information which can improve your work. It’s less useful if the internet is the only form of information you use in life.

You’ve seen so much success with your music to date. Is there anything you would still like to achieve with your music?

I wanna see my music constantly evolving. I also dream about having my music on my very own label which is gonna happen very soon. 

What keeps you inspired to produce and create music?

Other artists, gigs, touring. The love for electronic music. 

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about? 

One of the biggest projects for the future is my own label called “all i need“. I am very excited to launch it very soon. 

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