Follow-up Interview: with electro-pop singer Eulene

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At the beginning of last year, US songstress Eulene arrived on our radar with her debut single, ‘Momma’. This was when we received the first glimpse of the rising talent and partook in one of our exclusive interviews. Over time, we’ve seen the singer rack up tens of thousands of plays and features in several tastemaker publications. However, it was her unusual artwork (both musical and visual) that seemed to grab the public’s attention.  Now, nearly two years later, we see the release of her stunning self-titled debut EP via GoGoLove Records which features the original single along with a treasure trove of other works. 

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It seemed only natural that we would sit down for a follow-up interview and discover what untold adventures have transpired since we last spoke.

Welcome back! Tell us what you’ve been up to since we last spoke

It’s been an intense year. Managing the pandemic has kicked up so much. Staying inspired through it all was the big job. My strategy was to put my energy into doing and creating the things I love.  

You’ve just released your long-awaited debut self-titled EP. What’s your personal favourite track on the EP and why does it stand out to you?

My favorite track on the EP is “Momma”

To me, it is the most visceral, electric track that conceptually plays out both the ferocity and calm of the protector, the mother. The electricity of the feminine. 

You’ve specifically chosen to weave multiple genres into this EP, with each single presenting something completely different. Tell us how you decided which genres to work with and why?

Weaving & blending genres was the color palate of the vision. Eliminating the standard way I wrote for years with a guitar in hand was the one requirement I put on myself and requested of my co-writer Angelo, to instead to write from & with rhythms.  Other than that, there were no default settings for any one of the songs. The songs informed me of what to bring to them. Angelo and I took our time experimenting to find just the right “voicings” for each song. 

We’ve previously discussed how you knew from childhood that this was the career for you. Has there ever been a point where you’ve doubted this decision? 

There is much to doubt about the music business but I have never doubted my decisions to make music. It’s how I best metabolize life and express myself.  

How has 2020 and the events within it impacted your creative style?

Communicating exclusively via virtual for such a long stretch has been a big style shift.  As an independent artist I’m driven to apply myself to the many facets involved to create and put out music, videos, branding etc…  but inviting & involving other creatives into my work has been important in amplifying dimension and energy. Because in-person collaboration was not an option this year, I ended up learning to do some new things that I would have otherwise collaborated on. 

Tell us about what you’re working on at the moment? 

I’m working on a project that will be coming out 2021.

Its a new role for me that I’m excited to share…. Soon.

Your releases are always accompanied by striking artwork and press shots. How do you decide on what visuals you decide to pair with each single?

Thank you. I love creating my visuals as much as I love creating the music.  I like my artwork to represent the music.  I want the visual to look and feel like the song it’s representing. I’m conceptual about my photoshoots and videos, in general.  My vision boards are everyday, in the works.  

One last thought to leave with your fans?

I’m so thankful for your support!  Following my socials, listening & sharing my music makes all the difference to an independent artist like myself. So if you haven’t yet, come follow me on my socials (linked below)  and become a monthly listener on my Spotify page.  

Sending much love!

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By Sarah Britton