TP MIX #107- DJ Cartier

MN2S is about to celebrate a birthday, and it’s kick started its 20th anniversary celebrations by lining up 20 exclusive DJ mixes from 20 top DJs on the MN2S roster, including one featured exclusively on The Playground by DJ Cartier.

Cartier is one of the most active, prominent and influential garage DJs in the UK. Hailing from Windsor, Cartier has been playing UK Garage music since 1997 at the young age of 12. Fast forward 17 years later and he is at the fore front of the Garage scene.

Listen to the mix in full below.

In addition, to mark 20 years, MN2S have teamed up with music-focused charity Nordoff Robbins to kick-start a month long fund-raising initiative. MN2S staff, artists and music industry contacts are putting their full weight and connections behind the campaign, to raise crucial funds that will help vulnerable people through music therapy. MN2S directors and key staff will visit Nordoff Robbins at the end of the campaign to see how the money raised will be used. To give to the campaign, click