Exclusive: Danny Daze Sunday Podcast Series brings fresh elements to Dance Music

Danny Daze‘s stunning Podcast Series has been the chosen topic for many personal Sunday mornings, and today we’re here to talk about some of our favorite releases from the mix series. According to the artist himself (on Soundcloud) –

Sunday Morning is a mix series dedicated to pushing artists and labels who intend on pursuing the beauty in downtempo/chill-wave music. The focus is centered on experimental yet eloquent productions. This mix series is made in order to wind down and relax after a long night out, or simply listen to something other than dance music. I grew up with record labels like M3rck and Schematic based out of Miami, and have always searched for mixes which included these sort of sounds after a long weekend of traveling. Having not found many, I decided to make this an ongoing series. Enjoy the soundscape.

Focusing on downtempo mixes, Daze manages to promote artists to craft mixes that balance comfort, relaxation, and the cool of having no expectations, that can only happen on a weekend morning. The artist selection is wide and varied, and it’s an interesting look into sheer depth of music knowledge these artists, who we sometimes take for granted, truly have. For example, Jimmy Edgar is known often for his techno and house roots, many times playing shows deep in the night. His dark styles have shown themselves in various warehouses across the world, and he is celebrated for this chaotic, analog sounds. In his mix however, he brings the sensation and relaxation that I can only describe as how I feel when I manage to get up early on a Sunday hangover free, drink some orange juice and play records. It’s refreshing in every way, and a stunning look at a side of Edgar we don’t necessarily get to see all of the time.

Artist Deroboter, who’s known for miami bass work, sticks more in line with his traditional style, but brings the element to a new context. The simplicity of his music pairs well with the context of a Sunday mix, and the result is a mix that brings old nighttime favorites and meshes it with a new environment, making the mix feel special within its new confines. Many times in a fantasy, I’ll imagine feeling refreshed as I wake up to the warm sun at a music festival, in those dreams, I’ll now be playing this mix in my head.

But by far the most interesting one of the release is this live mix from Warm Up that was a B2B from two selectors at Trade Miami. Experimental and daring in its style, the mix is imperfect, but the humanity that can be felt in the podcast and the calming nature of it all is stunning from start to finish. Slow and syrupy, it’s the perfect electronic sounds to kick off the day, and under the hot sun of Miami, we can’t help but imagine how great it would have been to hear it in person there.

Listen to the entire mix series below.

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