Evil Needle releases seasoned classic ‘Abyssal’

France-based producer Evil Needle has released yet another seasoned classic, Abyssal on September 29th via HW&W Recordings.

Evil Needle was born in Berlin and is currently based in Paris. He got into production at an early age. As a kid, a friend of his introduced him to a music producing program. What started out as a game eventually turned into a profession. Later on, he started djing on Vinyl and from that point on, he knew producing was his chosen career.

Drawing his influences from 90’s Hip-Hop, Evil Needle has crafted over the past few years his own and unique crystal-clear universe by blending lyrical and soulful synthesizer sections with powerful drums he has a flair for. On Abyssal, you’ll find beats that insist on atmospheric snare claps and borderline dance synths, delivering to everyone’s tastes. This prolific beatmaker finds a way to ease you out while still increasing the bounce rate.

Stream Abyssal in it’s entirety via Spotify below – 

On Abyssal, Evil Needle comments: “I’ve always been producing a lot of different genres over the past 10 years. This release pretty much sums up my various producing styles, ranging from House, Future Beats and RnB to Trap and straight Boom Bap. Same styles, but deeper, aka Abyssal.”

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