‘Everything’s On The Up With The Tories’ – Brian Eno Shares New Political Track In Light Of UK Elections

Brian Eno has released a cynical ‘jingle’ mocking the UK’s Conservative Party as general elections loom; all proceeds going toward helping the homeless.

This coming Thursday, December 12th will see Britons casting their votes in the UK elections; and with Britain’s current political situation turbulent to say the least, many are worried as Britain’s leading parties face off – with the UK Conservative Party, also known as the Tories, currently leading the polls in front of the Labour Party.

The Tories, fronted by Boris Johnson (also known as the UK’s very own Donald Trump) boast far-right agendas. If the Tories secure victory, with Johnson as Prime Minister; very few will benefit, with minorities specifically being at huge risk – with nationalism, racism, classism, homophobia and sexism underlying the party as a whole. This, amongst the political turbulence brought about by Brexit, could see those living in the UK facing serious struggles.

Many musicians have spoken out in opposition to the far-right political party, and now with the election just two days away; iconic electronic musician and producer Brian Eno has released a political song addressing the issues posed by the Tories – upbeat and catchy, ‘Everything’s On The Up With The Tories’ is filled with cynicism, brimming with sharp acerbic sarcasm; a satirical jab at the conservatives and their exceptionally toxic approach to politics in the UK, which like many political parties, is ripe with corruption. In further response to the Tories classism – those with the least privilege set to struggle the most in their wake; all proceeds from the track are going toward the homeless.

Things are looking grim for Britons as the Tories are leading in the polls; but at the very least, we are grateful for Brian Eno’s sardonic ‘jingle’.

Listen to ‘Everything’s On The Up With The Tories’ below:

Feature Image: Brian Eno by Shamil Tanna

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