Esther Joy releases dizzying new single, ‘Day 4 (Landing)’

After recently announcing her new EP, The Acid Caves Vol 1, set for release April 27th, London-based producer, singer & songwriter Esther Joy is sharing another slice of her left-field electronic sounds with the second track from the record, ‘Day 4 (Landing)’.

Stream ‘Day 4 (Landing)’ by Esther Joy –

Esther will be releasing each track with a section of story. Below is the excerpt for Day 4 (Landing):

“This song is the second in the Acid Caves story, following a young alien ‘Silipur’ in a world where all intelligent lifeforms are able to see in a new dimension called ‘The Chaos’. The Chaos gives the ability to see, understand and manipulate emotional energy which is fuelling the universe.  Humans are the only beings that lack this ability as a fixation on ego stunted their natural evolution.

‘Day 4 (Landing)’ is based on Silipur’s first day on Earth. She is overwhelmed by the psychological state of the planet and the emotional toxicity of it’s atmosphere. Humans cannot understand ‘The Chaos’ and have therefore left their planet to emotional ruin. I wanted this song to feel violent and intrusive, as if you are experiencing the extremity and destruction of earth for the very first time.”

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