ELWD upcoming LP ‘There’s Light Somewhere’ is getting us excited

ELWD is an experimental hip hop beatmaker hailing from the UK that currently calls Bad Taste Records home. While it’s only been a few months since his last release, he seems to show no signs of slowing down with releases. His upcoming LP, slated for a February 17th release, has already seen a couple of release out, and if these tracks are anything to go by, we’re eagerly anticipating There’s Light Somewhere.

The artist knows how to blur the lines of electronic music with old school hip hop roots to make it entirely a sound unique to himself. With influences of the greats -think J Dilla off the top of our heads- emanating from each beat, ELWD is proving to be one of Bad Taste’s consistent artists.

There’s Light Somewhere
is bound to be fantastic. Listen to the released tracks below.

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