Electronica Melts into Cinematic Bliss on Lomea’s new song ‘You Are Your Memories’

Lomea (pronounced “Low-maya”) has shared ‘You Are Your Memories’, the first single off of his upcoming album Echoes in Bloom. The album will be Lomea’s second album coming via Here and Now Recordings, a label with a keen interest in experimental cinematic sounds.

Lomea is the experimental electronic project of renowned composer, multi-instrumentalist artist and sound designer Richard Keyworth. He began a career in music in 2009, after graduating with a first class degree in Music Production from the University of Brighton. Keyworth is a prolific composer of production music internationally as well as a fine artist. For the cover of Echoes in Bloom, he has created an interlocking series of nine canvas paintings inspired by the ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a serpent eating its own tail, variously signifying infinity, wholeness and the cycle of birth and death.

Emerging like a heartbeat, ‘You Are Your Memories’ is soon awash with rich synth textures that pulse and drone from its centre. Layer upon layer of intricate melodies and percussive arrangements effortlessly fall into place as the song progresses. Tribal drums move in alongside Lomea’s delicate guitar embellishments, drawing the listener out of the electronic soundscape, into the organic and back again.

Juxtaposition is a clear theme throughout as light and dark tones interweave through experimentation with analogue and digital instrumentation. Drenched in reverb, the track expands as it builds before pulling itself towards its centre and plunging into a forceful conclusion. This single is a warm and magnetizing offering. It feels like a meditative midnight drive through a futurist city.

Save the date, Echoes in Bloom is set to be released May 31.

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By Alaric Hobbs