Electronic producer Axel Thesleff shares new single ‘Pouring Down’

Electronic producer Axel Thesleff has just shared his sterling new single ‘Pouring Down’ – a percussive electronic offering inspired by natural elements, and centred around the concept of looking on the brighter side of life. 

Thesleff has garnered support from a myriad of publications and is no stranger to the scene. His previous release ‘Bad Karma’  has over one billion plays and was picked up by Adidas for their ‘Faster Than’ campaign.

Speaking of the new single he explains: “You ever get those days where nothing is going right, and on top of everything it starts raining and you don’t have an umbrella? My new song ‘Pouring Down’ is a reminder to just keep calm and take it all in with acceptance and perseverance, because what’s the other option? Being angry and bitter won’t get you dry. Might as well enjoy the free shower.”

‘Pouring Down’ is the sound of a man freeing his creativity and allowing it to wander. The track contains unlimited dimensions, synergized with an abundance of textures and tones. Full-bodied and optimistic, ‘Pouring Down’ is one of those songs that rewards repeat listening.


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