Electronic duo Junge Junge share new single

Junge Junge, German electronic duo formed by prolific DJ Rochus Grolle and notorious producer Michael Noack share their latest single titled ‘I’m The One‘ released via Universal Music Sweden

‘I’m The One’ is an atmospheric cruise through texture and emotion. Complete with warm, enticing, synth-fueled melodies, methodical percussion and serene vocal work, I’m The One further demonstrates the German duo’s impressive attention to detail, and effortless aim in songwriting ability.

The duo comment: “This is a special song about being there to support the people you care about through difficult times”. Junge Junge’s first official single titled Beautiful Girlwas released in April 2015 via Get Physical Music, spawning from a spontaneous jam session which took place at Helene Beach Festival in 2014 and showcasing a deeply, melodic-pop oriented sound. The single gained significant attention from Universal Music Sweden earning Junge Junge an immediate and deserved record deal via Sweden’s sect of Universal.

Stream ‘Im The One’ via Spotify below –

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