EARMILK premieres: Sinden presents The Crystal System

Sinden has been making waves in the dance world for a long time now, and it’s not hard to see why. The man-in-charge over at Grizzly Records, he’s been making, performing, and curating, some of the most interesting dance music out there. Ever since I started listening to him during his early The Count and Sinden days, I’ve been watching this guy like a hawk, hungrily waiting for the next track he puts out.

Today I’ve scored big because EARMILK’s gotten the chance to premiere a track of his, remixed by another favorite, LA’s own Pilo. The original piece is an energetic disco influenced track that brings on catchy lyrics and immediately is a dancefloor filler. It’s co-written by Nick Hook, and if you’re an avid linear notes reader like I am, you already know that everything that guy touches turns to gold. The vocals come from Azari & III‘s Starving Yet Full, which just adds to the golden touch of Hook and Sinden.

The remix turns it down a notch, but becomes beautiful and melodic, while still remaining on a 4×4 beat. The song definitely brings in a sense of nostalgic dance music, and it feels like the type of track that plays at 3 in the morning. It’s definitely a Pilo track though, in that it has a rougher tech feel, but it somehow perfectly compliments the original, funkier piece.

Check out both tracks below, and on Monday, these tracks will be out for purchase. Pilo and Sinden also recently released an EP via Boys Noize Records, which you can check out here.