DVS1’s Mistress Recordings Announces Release of Mistress 05

Mistress Recordings, a bi-product of DVS1‘s Hush label, have announced that they will be releasing a new EP series on February 24 under the name Mistress 05. The EP will be made up of three separate 12 inch records; The Blonde, The Brunette and The Redhead and will all feature four tracks. Mistress 5.1 (The Blonde) will showcase recordings from  Jonas FriedlichASOKNicson & An Gelo and Kirill Mamin; all of whom are new to the Mistress label. 5.2 (The Brunette) will see works from Ombossa, Jerome Baker, Juxta Position and Discrete Circuit and 5.3, (The Redhead), will showcase musical mastery from Nutype, Mike Gervais, Opinion and A&S. Each of the records will be released at the same time, individually. 

Watch the RA Origin documentary below for more insight on DVS1, the man behind the Mistress. 

Written by Maya Radcliffe.