DVS1 to compile next fabric 96 mix

Zak Khutoretsky better known as DVS1 has compiled a selection of tracks for the next fabric 96 mix.  

Due for release in December, the 29-track mix features artists such as Steffi, Steve Bicknell and Mark Broom. A number of tracks are forthcoming on Khutoretsky’s HUSH and Mistress Labels with new cuts from Planetary Assault Systems, Truncate and Henning Baer.

Khutoretsky is well known in the European techno scene and festival circuit having been a fixture in the Midwestern techno scene since the mid-90s.

“The mix CD concept was much more difficult to put together than I had imagined,” says the Minneapolis resident. “As I don’t do mixes and haven’t released any mixes in over four years, I kept going back and forth in my mind leading up to selecting music about what style and vibe to present confined to the length a CD allows.”

“Most people know me for techno,” he adds, “But I love such a broad range of music and had to find a way to limit myself to have a focus. In the end I decided on a snapshot of a more straightforward focused mix.”

Khutoretsky will be joined by Anthony Rother and Oscar Mulero in Room Two, where fabric will be hosting the launch party on December 2nd.

DVS1 is currently on a European tour – for full schedule, click here

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(Image credit: Salar Kheradpejouh)

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