Dutch singer Donna Lugassy releases songs ‘Coldest/ Break up’

Singer-songwriter Donna Lugassy released the double A-side, ‘Coldest/ Break Up’ the second single off her upcoming EP, Love & Breakups. The single was released on the 21st of February whilst the EP comes out on 13th March via Lugassy Records. During the making of Love & Breakups, Lugassy predominantly listened to D’Angelo‘s Brown Sugar album. The syncopation of D’Angelo’s style is reflected throughout her album while the maturity and deep, rich vocals of Beyoncé spring to mind. However, it’s the talent and dynamic stylings of SZA and Solange that one is reminded of as they listen to ‘Coldest’. Coldest’ carries Donna Lugassy’s smooth vocals to new heights as she narrates the second step in her relationships. With the overall EP focussing on phases of her love life flows through, ‘Coldest’ portrays the singer as head over heels in love. The tracks name is derived from the slang of calling someone dope or cool, embracing the idea that everyone thinks their significant other is the “coolest”. ‘Break Up’ is aptly named, focussing on when Lugassy rejects her lover and begins to “get a real big attitude with them”. This attitude is reflected in her low, rhythmic way of presenting the lyrics and the supporting bassline.

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