DRUGZZ Shares KRONO Remix of His Single ‘Someone Other Than Me’

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Parisienne chill-house duo KRONO has just released a vivacious remix of future-bass rising star DRUGZZ’s debut single ‘Someone Other Than Me’. Listen to the track below while you read about this collaboration.

Since as early as 2007 KRONO have been publishing remixes and garnering some serious media attention for their music. Both members started off with backgrounds in classical music and began to get noticed when they started producing music for short films but it was in 2013, with their remix release of ‘Dancin’, that KRONO really exploded on the house music scene, with the track reaching over 160 million Youtube plays. Underground future-bass artist DRUGZZ has also been lighting up the electronic music scene recently, with his released singles receiving support from the likes of Clash Mag, Paste Mag, EDM Boutique, FGUK and prominent youtube channels such as All Things Trap and Zeno-Chan (The latter gaining him nearly 60,000 streams).

A collector of vintage drum gear, DRUGZZ is inspired by rhythm, and sitting in front of a drum-set is crucial for his writing process. He used an old Rogers drum-set to make samples for the record, adding in the swirling synth sounds of the innovative Moog Sub Phatty. Citing influences such as Blink-182, The Chemical Brothers, Moby or ODESZA, DRUGZZ’s sound has been likened to as a crossover between Louis The Child and Simple Plan.

KRONO’s remix takes the angsty punk and future-bass crossover sound of ‘Someone Other Than Me’ and dresses it up for the dance-floor. The French producer-duo keep the mood and message of DRUGZZ’s track loud and clear but add layers of bubbly synth melodies and crisp dance beats, compounding the song’s infectiousness.

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