DJ Paypal, DJ Earl, and DJ Taye team up for Adult Swims single ‘Dose’

Adult Swim recently announced that they will be continuing their free singles series, and the announcement contained favorites like Jlin, Run the Jewels, Flying Lotus, and Against Me!, among many other amazing artists. The first single was released this week, and it came from none other than DJ Paypal, with the help of fellow Teklife members DJ Earl and DJ Taye.

Energetic as always from start to finish, the Teklife crew bring Footwork to the forefront and set a heavy bar for the series. ‘Dose’ is a serious force to be reckoned with, and the glitchy, erratic nature of the song is sure to be a joy for both Adult Swim and Teklife fans. The boys have set the bar high, and it’s going to be interesting seeing what the rest of the roster have in store in the coming weeks.

For now, check out the single below. Download 2015’s Adult Swim Singles series here.

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