DJ Juba launches second season of The Assurance Podcast with Gina Jeanz

Image: Cicely Grace

Berlin’s DJ Juba has launched a second season of her podcast, The Assurance Podcast. The podcast is established to showcase rising women-identifying DJs from developing countries. Juba began the podcast earlier this year as a follow up of sorts to her documentary of the same name, which focussed on female DJs in Nigeria.

Episode one of the second season features Cape Town based DJ and musician Gina Jeanz, while future guests slated for this season include Nairobi’s Coco Em and Medellín-based DJ Julianna.

The Assurance Podcast is expected to cover topics that explore race and gender politics in electronic music, but also the effects of the pandemic on the nightlife scenes of the developing countries Juba’s guests call home. During her episode, Jeanz talks about South Africa’s local nightlife scene as well as issues on gender-based violence in the country. 

Episode one is currently available to stream below, and more information on the podcast and its upcoming episodes is available via its website here