DJ Harvey Takes Up Mercury Rising Residency

DJ Harvey AKA Harvey Bassett, will return to Ibiza’s famed Pikes Hotel for his third Mercury Rising residency.

He has also been appointed as the venue’s “Cultural Attaché” and according to their Facebook page, “his magic touch and feel-good presence will create even more special moments this summer.” “What you get with Pikes and Freddie’s is almost like a house party and you are amongst the people. It’s very intimate and it has this family feel. There is no other party like it on the island that has the Ibicencan hedonism mixed with the house party vibe. Even though I might not know half the people there it’s like everyone is a good old friend.” he says.

It is rumoured that there is a Mercury Rising compilation in the pipeline, through Pikes Hotel’s new record label, Pikes Records.

Listen to DJ Harvey’s “Pleasure Swell”:

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